RØDE SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit

RØDE Microphones has released the new SC6-L adaptor and SC6-K Mobile Interview Kit designed for recording interview audio or videos on your iOS device.


The SC6-L is a new variant of the original SC6 adaptor which provided two TRRS mic inputs as well as a headphone out to monitor the audio. The new SC6-L is essentially the same but uses a lightning connector instead.

Since there is no headphone jack, the SC6-L not only allows you to use the RØDE smartLav+ lavalier mic but also monitor your audio at the same time.

With mobile filmmaking on the rise, it’s great to see more options to add quality audio to match the video capabilities of modern phones these days.

The SC6-L is also compatible with other apps like FiLMiC Pro

Little Details

It’s important to note that the input ports are TRRS  so if you want to use something like the RØDE VideoMic Pro than you will need to convert the connection from TRS using the SC4 or SC7 cables adaptors.

Unlike the original SC6, the SC6-L supports stereo recording so each microphone will be recorded to its own audio track. This sets the first microphone input to the left and second to the right channel. While this is great for giving you much more control in post, you will have to set the audio tracks to output to both the left & right channels in your NLE or audio software.

If you are planning to share your recording or video directly, you do have the option to record to a single mono track but will need to take more care in where you place the mics and how you set your gain.


SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit

RØDE is also offering the SC6-L in a kit bundled together with two smartLav+ mics. An easy solution for recording podcasts or video interviews on your iPhone. The smartLav+ cable is 1.18m (3.8f) long which should be enough for most situations when the iOS device is placed in the middle but if you need more length, you can also add the SC1 extension cable for an additional 6m (19.7f).

Reporter App

The RØDE Reporter App is free to download from the App Store and can be even used as a standalone app with the built-in mic.

Pricing & Availability

The SC6-L retails for USD $79 and the SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit will retail for USD $199 which is offers nice savings as the smartLav+ individually sells for USD $79 and the kit comes with two in the box.

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