Add vintage light leaks and flare effects with the FotoDiox ArtFX ColorFlare Adapter

Fotodiox has released the ArtFX ColorFlare adapter that allows the user to add organic, controllable flare effects in-camera. This is the first in the ArtFX series and more adapters are to come.

The adapter features a partially transparent ring and comes with five ColorTint rings and silicone masks which can be used to control the different flares.

The ColorFlare is available for Sony E-Mount and Micro Four Thirds, adapting lenses from:

• Canon EOS
• Canon FD
• Contax/Yashica
• Minolta MD
• Nikon
• Olympus OM

Flare Control

By using the different ColorTint rings, you can change the colour of the flare and with the different silicone masks, you can adjust how much of a light leak you get into your final frame. If you are shooting in the dark, you can use a small LED light or torch to create the flare.

Technical Farm’s Flare Adapter

We originally saw this concept at Interbee 2015 from Technical Farm. The adapter component is essentially exactly the same but Fotodiox have accessorised it further with the different silicone rings.

Interbee 2015: Want more lens flare? Try Technical Farm’s see-through lens adapter

Do it in Post?

A lot of the times, adding filters in-camera can be a creative choice as you could argue that lens flare or film burn can easily be added later in post-production without affecting the original content. Sometimes it helps to be able to visualise effects when you are in the moment, just like the Lensbaby lenses that add effects in-camera.

Pricing & Availability

The ColorFlare adapter retails for USD $99.

Each adapter set comes:

  • ArtFX ColorFlare Main Adapter Unit
  • 5x Color Bands (Orange, Red, Green, Blue, Purple)
  • 5x Black Light Blocking Bands (3x w/o Holes, 2x w/ 6 Holes)
  • 4x Replacement Friction Nubs

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