Vocas Flexible Camera Rig Hands on

Vocaswere showing a flexible camera rig at NAB 2018.

The new camera rig will function with all kind of cameras ranging from a Canon EOS 5D, Panasonic EVA1 to the Sony PXW-FS5II.

The shoulder rig is designed in a way that cameras can be operated on top of your shoulder and in an offset position. This flexibility offers shooting options for using both the camera’s external viewfinders and LCD screens. The rig has a 15 mm height adjustable rails support which enables compatibility with almost any camera. The ARCA sliding system offers quickly adjustable balancing options.

The optional top handle enables you to mount any third party VF or LCD screen via the Vocas NATO rail solutions. To the back of the rig, a counterweight or battery can be mounted. Available in kits with or without tophandle, viewfinder bracket, handgrips, counterweight etc.

We liked how the system is really light and seems pretty easy to adapt for different cameras and setups.

Pricing and Available

The price for the basic setup which is rig and shoulder pad will be roughly $550-$600 USD and should be available in a couple of months.

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