SoundField by RODE NT-SF1 – Tetrahedral Array Microphone for 360-Degree Surround Sound Capture

The RODE NT-SF1 is the first product for the SoundField by RODE line of products since SoundField was acquired by RODE Microphones in 2016. The NT-SF1 microphone is designed for capturing surround sound for 360-degree and VR media.

The NT-SF1 features four all-new, ultra-quiet ½-inch TF45C capsules in a tetrahedral array to record four channel A-Format recordings which can be transformed and manipulated in B-format with a new SoundField by RODE plug-in.

A-Format and B-Format are two standards in the ambisonics workflow to control:

W – a pressure signal corresponding to the output from an omnidirectional microphone
X – the front-to-back directional information, a forward-pointing velocity or “figure-of-eight” microphone
Y – the left-to-right directional information, a leftward-pointing “figure-of-eight” microphone
Z – the up-to-down directional information, an upward-pointing “figure-of-eight” microphone

The microphone would be used for a wide range of applications including music recording, 3D soundscapes for VR applications and creating immersive 360-degree media.


Pricing & Availability

No specific price has been set but it will be the first true condenser ambisonic microphone under $1,000 USD.

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