SmallHD goes bright with the popular 5″ 502

The new SmallHD 502B sports a bright 1000nits display similar to its big brother the 702 Bright. The display also has a bonded glass screen protector so no additional one is necessary.

SmallHD 502 Bright_front

The 502 has been a workhorse for me until I upgraded to the larger 702 Bright. The form factor of the 5″ display is a sweet spot for many users looking to keep the weight down on rigs and gimbals.

SmallHD 502 Bright_gimbal

The 502 Bright only weights 9.4oz compared to 17oz of the 702 Bright. This is almost half the weight! Every ounce makes a difference on a gimbal for the operator. 

Panel Type LCD
Size Diagonal 5
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Pixel Density (PPI) 441
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Active Area 5″
Brightness 1000nits
Contrast 1500:1
Color Gamut 100% Rec 709
Color Depth 10-bit Color Processing
Viewing Angle Full 179 degrees
Backlight Type LED

502 bright with tools

The 502 ships with the updated OS3 software that features real-time 3D LUTs, Scopes, Waveform, False Color, and Focus Assist/Peaking, premium tool set and Page Builder operating system.

SmallHD 502 Bright_kit

SmallHD has a kit special for a limited time that saves you $300 on all of the above including a tilt arm, SDI cable and a dummy battery with D-Tap cable all in a hard case. The kit price is $1299 (regular $1599)

I wondered why SmallHD took so long to bring the 502 bright to market. The only other option was the expensive Ultra Bight 503 ($2499). This is a great addition to the bright line at a fair price.

702 black bright

SmallHD also introduced a limited edition black version of the 702. Same features only in an all-black frame.


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