DroneShield – Drone detection and prevention

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With the ever-increasing amount of drones filling our skies there was always going to be a need for companies to come up with solutions to help monitor and deal with them. Australian business DroneShield is just one of those companies who make a range of drone detection and prevention products.


Based in Sydney and Virginia, DroneShield is one of the worldwide leaders in drone detection technology. The Company has developed a range of pre-eminent drone detection solutions that protect people, organisations and critical infrastructure from intrusion from drones.

Above you can listen to an interesting interview with DroneShield Chairman Peter James on Australian radio station 2GB. DroneShield has been around since 2014 and some of their systems can detect drones up to 2km away.

Not only has the company got detection systems but they also have a drone gun, the first of which was launched last year. Since that time there has been a second version introduced and very shortly the company will be bringing Version 3 to market. Now the drone gun doesn’t shoot the drone down, it actually sends out a radio frequency which allows the operator of drone gun to take control of the drone and either bring it in, or if authorities want to know who is flying it they can use GPS to send the drone back to where it originally came from.

DroneSheild is already being extensively used by governments and military in a lot of countries around the world. DroneShield has been used for the last 3 years to help protect the Boston Marathon and it was also recently used to protect athletes during the Hawaiian Ironman. Resorts in the Carribean have also been using DroneShield to keep away unwanted paparazzi who are using drones to try and get shots of celebrities.

While most drone users do the right thing, there is always going to be that small minority who don’t. In the media industry drones help us tell stories, but with every new incident that gets reported the regulations get tougher and tougher. With more and more regulations being put in place it’s probably a forgone conclusion that at some point in time you may find your drone being monitored by the authorities.

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