Aputure MX and 300d LED lights – IBC 2017

The Aputure MX is an updated version of the company’s M9 eyelight that takes on board feedback from users to improve the credit-card sized LED light.

Aputure MX prototype

The prototype Aputure MX on show here has an all metal body – aluminium and brass – and is now both bicolour and five times brighter than the M9. This version features a touch sensitive control surface, but don’t get too excited as it might be swapped out for a regular button before it goes into production.

Battery life for the Aputure MX is slightly down on the M9, but that still means you should get eight to nine hours of usage on a single charge. As with the M9 the battery is internal so you don’t need to drape your camera and rig in D-Tap cables.

Aputure 300d shipping… almost

We reported on the Aputure 300d at this year’s NAB – a 2K-equivalent fixture for $1,000 US – and the first mass production run of the lights has now been finished. The spec has been tweaked ever so slightly since then to improve colour rendition, and the cooling fans are now red. Aputure expect to have them shipping to customers on 1 October.

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