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Skipped – short film shot with the Canon C200

Read Matt’s epic Canon C200 review? Want more? OK, how about a narrative short shot with the camera?

Hashmic House Films persuaded Canon to let them borrow a pre-production C200 to shoot Skipped. They had a 12 hour shoot to get everything covered, so perhaps slightly longer than your average news crew has on a job, but they decided to shoot everything in the camera’s MP4 codec. Writer/director Faisal Hashmi explains why they didn’t make use of the camera’s Canon Cinema RAW Light option:

“It’s a small indie film and it was clear that I didn’t have the storage space to really shoot on RAW considering we had a 12 hour day and in my tests on a CFast card it would require at least 8-10 cards to efficiently shoot the amount of takes I did. Same goes for the storage space, and in post I have a beefy system but handling that much data was a concern too.”

If you take a look at the BTS video the team made you can see the difference in footage pre- and post-grade and see how well the relatively low bitrate MP4 codec held up. You can also get the lowdown on some sophisticated special effects.

I think it’s really interesting that a project like this – that Canon seem to think would be a perfect use case for Cinema RAW Light – decided to shoot on good old MP4, which such decent results. Which sort of begs the question: who IS going to use Canon’s new RAW format? Let us know what you think in the comments below…

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