Dana Gonzales- DP of Fargo and Legion on the Go Creative Show

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Dana Gonzales the director of photography for two of the most visually stunning television shows on today, Fargo and Legion speaks to host Ben Concoli on this weeks Go Creative Show. Dana gives a terrific insight into how how Fargo and Legion are shot, and how other films and television shows inspired the new look of Fargo Season 3.

Fargo and Legion are two of my favourite shows on TV, and they are beautifully shot and crafted. If you are a fan of either show then you definitely need to listen to this podcast.

You can listen to the full episode above.

Topics covered
The new look of Fargo Season 3
Dana’s visual inspirations for the new Fargo
Dana’s custom LUT
Shooting and coloring with Arri Raw with Alexa Mini
The benefits of 2:1 Ratio
The similarities between Fargo and Legion
Working with Ewan McGregor playing two characters
Working with a Technodolly for motion controlled camera movement
The biggest shooting challenges in season 3
Creating the Los Angeles look and comparing it to Minnesota
The benefits of keeping violence off screen

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