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First vision from the Canon C200- “From Dock to Dish”

First vision from the Canon C200 has emerged from Director Andrew Fried and DP Bryant Fisher, who created this short called “From Dock to Dish” The film follows a mackerel’s journey from the ocean floor to the restaurant door, tracking the many people, places, and atmospheres that flavor a culinary masterpiece.

The film showcases the many features of the versatile new EOS C200, including the ability to record 4K internally using Canon’s proprietary Cinema RAW Light, optimized for HDR. The EOS C200 is also capable of recording up to 60p in 4K and 120p in HD

Above you can watch a BTS of “From Dock to Dish”

Our good friends at AbelCine have also done a first look video.

Canon’s Brent Ramsey also has a nice introduction video on the EOS C200 and EOS C200B Digital Cinema Cameras.

What do you think of the quality of the images of “From Dock to Dish”? Let us know in the comments below.

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