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NiSi Natural Night Filter: goodbye light pollution – NAB 2017

The NiSi Natural Night Filter is a narrowband wavelength filter that works to enhance vision shot under less than ideal conditions. It filters out street lamps and mercury vapour, leaving an even colour spectrum from which to start a grade.

Shooting on the night shift

The filter is aimed at users creating a timelapses, and shooting at night, but it can also be used to shoot conventional work under circumstances under which you might not normally consider working. The example given in the video above is shooting a portrait under a street lamp at night and being able to maintain the quality of skin tone despite the poor quality of the light.

The resulting image will need less in the way of post-processing, shortening the process to tweaking rather than rebuilding all the different tones.

Our sister site Photo Gear News tried the filter out for stills photography and you can see the results (and a familiar face) in the video below:

NiSi Natural Night Filter: Price and availability

The NiSi Natural Night Filter is due to be available in next month, for between $300-350 US.

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