Angenieux Optimo Style 48-130mm T3 lightweight zoom – NAB 2017

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, Angenieux were showing their new Optimo Style 48-130mm T3, the latest addition to their lightweight zoom line up. The lens weighs in at only 4.3lb/1.95kg and has a close focus of 3’1”/0.94m.

Angenieux Optimo Style 48-130mm

Sensor coverage

It covers an image circle up to 34.6mm diameter (RED 8K Helium sensor or ARRI Open Gate for instance) with a constant T3 aperture throughout the entire zoom range. As with the rest of the Optimo Style family, it has no ramping when zooming in, and minimal focus breathing , distortion and optical aberration. The lens shares the same rugged construction of the Optimo Style series with 320 degree rotation of the focus barrel, and industry standard 0.8M gears on the focus, iris and zoom barrels.

Angenieux Optimo Style 48-130mm

Optimo Style range

The 48-130mm joins the Optimo Style 16-40 T2.8 and 30-76 T2.8, and the 10x Optimo Style 25-250 T3.5. At first glance the 48-130mm may seem like a strange choice of focal lengths, but that range should make the lens suitable for getting those tighter shots when hand held, or for use on Steadicams, gimbals and remote heads. As an owner of the 16-40 and 30-76m lenses I would personally preferred to have seen a lens with a 70/80-200mm range though.

Price and availability

The lens is expected to ship in October for around $23,000 US.

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