Fotodiox releases new higher output Factor LED Lights

In the past couple of years we’ve seen Fotodiox move into the lighting for the video world and today they are introducing a new line of fixtures: the Factor LED lights.

Factor LED lights: nine options

The line consist of nine different high output soft light models. The entry level Jupiter12 light is a 55W bi-color LED light panel ouputting ~1,850lx priced at $659.95 US, and the range extends to a 300W 1×4, 8,600lx bi-color LED light. The company claims they produce no hotspots or multiple shadows, an issue with many open-face array style LED fixtures.

Fotodiox Factor LED lights


The Fotodiox Factor LED lights feature has an all metal body with a thin 1 1/2″ profile. This allows the them to be used even in locations where space is at a premium. The front diffuser (‘Factorsoft technology’) is designed to eliminate harsh multiple shadows and deliver one super soft source.

Fotodiox Factor LED LIghts

Power options and light quality

All the Factor LED lights can be powered by a larger V-mount or Gold mount battery and are Bi-color without output loss. Just dial in the color temperature needed. The fixtures have a CRI rating of 96. The 1×1 & 1×2 are designed for smaller setups while the larger 1.5×1.5, 2×2 and 1×4 are great for larger studio rigs that require higher output.

Fotodiox Factor LED LIghts

Don’t be square, get Creative

The round Factor ‘Jupiter’ lights are similar in shape to the Flapjack and come in three sizes: 12″, 18″ and 24″. There’s an optional 90° honeycomb grid as well as an interesting ‘Creative Mask’ add-on.

Fotodiox Factor LED LIghts_Creative Masks

Fotodiox Factor LED lights Creative Mask

The Creative Masks add a pattern to the fixture that produces shapes: this will show up in the eyes or other reflective surfaces.

All Factor lights have a wide 120 degree beam angle. Barn doors are removable and Fotodiox offers a 90° honeycomb grid to focus the light for more precise illumination.

Fotodiox Factor LED LIghts larger

Factor v Flapjack

What’s the difference from the Fotodiox FlapJacks? The Flapjacks create a glowing light that’s perfect for any kind of portraiture. Factor lights are a bit more direct (while still very soft) – which is where the extra brightness comes from. So the FlapJacks are ‘ultrasoft’ lights, while Factor lights are ‘very soft’ with more punch.

Fotodiox Factor LED LIghts larger

To learn more about the full Fotodiox Factor LED lights line and pricing visit Fotodiox website.

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