The Wandering DP on this weeks Go Creative Podcast

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On this weeks Go Creative Show podcast host Ben Concoli speaks to Patrick O’Sullivan, known as “The Wandering DP“. Patrick started his career as a colorist but quickly transitioned into a director of photography by obsessively studying vimeo videos and discovering the lighting patterns in his favorite clips. As the Wandering DP, Patrick shares not only his beautiful work with the world, he also shares his process through his website, blog and podcast. Ben and Patrick talk about cameras, lights, the power of social media and more.

You can listen to the full episode above

Topics Covered
The importance of social media for director of photographers
Patricks background as a colorist
Starting a career with a Canon T2i
Why Patrick shares knowledge with the world
How to talk with your clients about sharing behind the scenes
Patricks camera and lens choices
Lighting techniques
Learning from False color
Tips for working with directors

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