360Rize’s new rig compatible with YI 4K cameras

For many moons, GoPro has been almost synonymous with multi-camera setups for 360 video. Not only are a handful of single-camera solutions hitting the market hard, but so are multi-camera setups using action camera alternatives.

For example, 360Rize recently announced the launch of its Uni360 camera rig, which is compatible with YI Technology’s 4K action cameras, in addition to various GoPro models.

The all-weather rig can house six cameras in spherical orientation (each within a waterproof housing) for up to 8K 360 video capture and 12K 360 photo capture with YI’s 4K cameras.

What’s interesting about this rig is its cross-camera compatibility. Those who already have a half-dozen GoPros can use the rig, whether they’re using Hero2, Hero3, Hero4 or Hero5 models. Plus, those who want to invest in a high-resolution camera setup from scratch can do so for a little less of an upfront investment: YI’s 4K action cameras retail for $199 each, while a Hero5 Black GoPro costs $399 and a Hero4 Black, $349. When you’re buying six, that price difference per camera can be substantial.

Plus, with its 120-minute record time, built-in slow motion recording features and a newer chip that’s supposedly less prone to overheating than the Hero4, YI’s 4K cameras could make for an interesting competitor. At the very least, rigs that are compatible with multiple cameras offer creators greater choice, wider price points and new alternatives–and those are all good things in my book.

The Uni360 costs $495 is currently available for purchase on the 360Rize website.

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