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Hedge Connect – the new iOS app for Hedge for Mac

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Hedge for Mac has proven to be very popular with shooters who have been looking for an easy to use and cost effective media back up solution.


In their latest update, Hedge for Mac have enabled new functionality called Hedge Connect. Hedge Connect works in conjunction with an iOS app to send you notifications of when your media has been copied and verified.


To set it up is very easy. Once you download the iOS app you then go to the Hedge for Mac preferences and click on the Connect icon. The iOS app will set you back $9.99US, which is pretty steep considering its basic functionality.


Once you turn on Hedge for Mac you will get a access code. As soon as you launch the iOS app you will be asked to enter the access code. The app then will tell you once it is connected to the computer you are using.


At the completion of copying and backing you will receive a notification on your phone that shows you the task has been completed.


While there is no detailed information of what you have actually copied and verified it is a handy way to know when tasks have been completed without having to sit in front of your computer watching a green bar. If you are working out in the field, it is always nice to be able to leave something copying while you go and get a bite to eat. Getting a simple notification gives you piece of mind that your media has been safely copied and verified.


I wanted to see what would happen if I started copying and verifying some media and pulled the card out of the computer half way through the process. As soon as I did, I got an instant failure notification on my iPhone. It is good to know that Hedge Connect also lets you know when something has gone wrong.

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