LockCircle’s new Sony a6500 cage has features aplenty

lockcircle a6500 2

LockCircle have just announced their new 6500NY cage cage for the Sony a6500. It has a similar design to the their current a6300 version but caters for the slightly different top plate design.

One main feature of the cage is that is leaves the original Sony handgrip exposed, instead of encasing it in the cage. This means that it keeps much of the feel of holding the bare camera. Access to buttons and controls are unimpeded. It also allows the use of the Sony’s XLR-K2M audio adapter.

Another nice feature is that the cage has a special Meta-Block to secure a Metabones Speedbooster or Smart adapter to the setup, and stop the slight movements between adapter and body that can be very annoying.

There is also the option to fit P&S Technik IMS mounts that adapt various different lenses securely to the E-mount. There are currently mounts for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts that have a nice positive-lock to prevent mechanism, PL-Mount, Panavision, BNCR, Leica R and Leica M. These can be secured to the cage using a IMS-Block.


Like most other cages these days the 6500NY cage has a multitude of tapped holes to mount accessories, plus options for securing a micro HDMI cable or LockPort Flex micro HDMI to full size HDMI adapter.

The basic cage weighs 200gr or 7 ounces and costs $299.00 US + shipping and duties, 279.00 Euro + tax. Handle and rod supports can also be purchased.

The 6500NY cage not only accepts the a6500, it can also fit the a6300 as well. If you already own the current Lockcircle a6300 cage then it can be upgraded to the newer model, but the price for the upgrade has not been announced.

You can find out more from the the Lockcircle website.

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