IBC 2016: TLS shows off full set of Re-housed PL Mount Canon K35 Prime Lenses

True Lens Services out of the UK does a number of cine lens rehousings, and at Cine Gear 2016 they first showed off a few of their new Canon K35 PL mount rehousings. Now at IBC 2016 in Amsterdam, they’ve got almost a complete set of the K35s, which consists of an 18 T1.5, 24mm T1.6, 35mm T1.4, 55mm T1.5, and 85mm T1.4.

TLS Canon K35 PL Mount 24mm 35mm
TLS K35 24mm and 35mm

In addition, they will be working on the slower 18mm T2.8 and the newer 50mm T1.3 as additional rehousings.

TLS Canon K35 55mm
TLS Canon K35 55mm

The first sets should be available sometime in October 2016, with the 18mm, 24mm, and 35mm costing £3000 each for the reshousing, and 55mm and 85mm costing £2,850 (since the design is simpler). Obviously this is an expensive proposition, but if you already have a set of these, they become much more usable with modifications like those from TLS.

If you missed it, check out the previous video from Cine Gear:

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