IBC 2016: Sony introduce 18-110mm f4 PZ E-mount lens

IMG 2547

At IBC Sony have introduced the new 18-110mm f4 PZ E-mount lens. Widely leaked before the show, the lens makes low-cost servo style run-and-gun operation possible on Sony’s Super35-sized sensor cameras.

The lens looks almost identical to the older sister 28-135mm f4 PZ that was launched alongside the FS7. That lens had a great cost/performance ratio and handled well on the a7S and a7S II, but most users considered the 28mm focal length to be too long for news and documentary shooting on Super35 sensors.


The 18-110mm addresses these concerns by starting much wider, at the expense of the long end. The 18-110mm uses the same hybrid mechanical/fly-by-wire focus system. By pulling back the collar on the focus ring you can engage a mechanically linked manual focus which feels much like a ‘proper’ lens.

The only downside to this arrangement is that the minimum focus distance is still limited to just under 1m. To get closer focus you will need to switch back to full fly-by-wire manual focussing.


When the original 28-135mm lens came out it was pretty much the only lower-cost solution for a large sensor all-in-one lens. In 2016, there are now plenty more options including lenses like the Canon 18-80mm T4.4 and Zeiss 21-100mm. Price will be key and I hope the street price of the 18-110mm is reasonable.

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