IBC 2016: Movcam’s Servo Grip transforms Angenieux EZ lenses into ENG style, adds wireless FIZ control

At IBC this year, Movcam is showing off a servo grip that’s designed to work with the new Angenieux EZ series zooms.

What’s impressive about the grip is that not only does it have a zoom rocker, but there are two more motors inside for iris and focus. This allows you to use the Movcam wireless hand unit in a FIZ workflow to control focus, iris, and zoom remotely, all without needing separate motors. This kind of setup is perfect for when you’ve got an operator who is just shooting or controlling zoom, and a first AC who is focusing.

Movcam Servo Controller
The servo grip on one of the new Angenieux EZ zooms

Even though the Movcam grip was designed for the Angenieux lenses in mind, it’s capable of working with zooms from companies like Zeiss and Canon as long as you’ve got the right adapter cable. In addition, it can work with a Preston or Cmotion interface and hand unit, like the Preston MDR.

We can expect the servo grip to be released sometime early next year along with the Angenieux zooms, at a price in the mid-$3,000 range.

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