NAB 2016: Rodney Charters gets his hands on the Fujinon Premier PL 20-120 Cabrio XK lens and wide-angle diopter

Fujinon’s new 20-120 Cabrio XK lens is the fifth lens in its Cabrio series and features a constant T3.5 aperture, a full servo handgrip, a standard PL mount and minimum focus of 1.1 metres. This is a 4K lens but has a slightly smaller image circle than the other Cabrio lenses, at 28.5mm, but it comes in at a more affordable price point.

NAB 2016: Schnieder fujinon wide-angle diopter from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Also available is a Schneider wide-angle diopter that fits on the front of Cabrio. The clamp on Century lens is 114mm diameter, giving you a 30 percent wider image when the lens is set to macro.



The Cabrio XK is priced $18,200 US, available late June, early July. The Schneider adapter is priced just under $1,000 US.


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