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A British Airways jet is believed to have collided with a drone as it was landing at Heathrow Airport

A British Airways flight landing at Heathrow Airport is believed to have collided with a drone. The flight from Geneva was allegedly hit as it made its final approach just before 12:50 BST. The plane had 132 passengers and five crew on board.

According to media reports, the pilot reported that an object – believed to be a drone – had struck the front of the Airbus A320. Aviation police at Heathrow have launched an investigation into the incident. So far no arrests have been made.

The flight landed safely and has subsequently been examined by flight engineers and cleared to resume flying.

The British Airline Pilots Association has condemned the incident and called for greater enforcement of existing drone regulations.

With NAB starting tomorrow, we are sure to see a large array of new drones being announced. Just how this latest incident will effect drone regulations around the world will be interesting to see.

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