My Rode Reel filmmaking competition 2016 launches with $300k US prize fund


Now in its third year, the My Rode Reel short film competition is back again with a clutch of kit-based prizes, a new category specifically aimed at female filmmakers, and a DP heading the judging whose work you’re sure to be familiar with.

The prize fund this year totals a whopping $300,000 US and features kit from some of the industry’s best-known manufacturers – listed in the image above.

To enter you need to make a short film of three minutes or less, plus a behind-the-scenes video showing how you’re putting Rode gear to use on set. Or on location. Or in your living room.

Last year's overall winner, Gift by Danthedirector. Nominative determinism in action?

The main categories this year are the Judges’ Film award for the best short film, Judges’ BTS award for the best behind-the-scenes reel, People’s Choice award for the most popular short film (voted for by the public), and the Young Filmmaker award for the best short film by an entrant under the age of 18. New this year is the Female Filmmaker award – you can probably work out if you’ll be eligible to enter that category! Each of the winners of these major awards will receive a kit of filmmaking equipment worth around $30,000 US, which should take care of some of the expense of working on your next short film.

There are also technical awards, including Best Sound Design, Best Soundtrack and a new category of Best Music Video. Each winner of these categories will also receive a prize pack.

Shane Hurlbut ASC will be leading the panel of judges. Impress him!
Shane Hurlbut ASC will be leading the panel of judges. Impress him!

The judging panel is being led by Shane Hurlbut ASC – chances are you’ve probably seen his work on a really big screen – and entries are being accepted from 1 March to 1 June. There’s a free entry pack on the Rode Reel website, where you can also find a full list of the categories and prizes. Get to it!

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