IBC 2015: Block Battery 2F1 NiCad flight safe battery that can power big lights and cameras

By site editor Dan Chung:

Block Battery were on the Alphatron stand at the IBC show in Amsterdam showing some innovative battery solutions for lights and cameras. The difference between the new 2F1 series and regular batteries is that they can run with 14.4 and 28.8 volt devices. This means they can power a wider range of power hungry devices such as the ARRI Alexa.

Available in both NiCad and Li-ion types they come in their own special mount, but also accept adapter plates to mount onto AB or V-lock cameras and lighting. Two Block batteries can be combined on a special adapter to power a hi-power LED light such as the KinoFlo Celeb or even a Joker 200 HMI. This could prove extremely useful for news and documentary crews on location.

In addition the NiCad batteries are classified as travel safe and can be checked in as hold luggage with many airlines. This addresses the problems that many shooters are facing when travelling by air with batteries.

The downside to NiCads is that they are heavier than most Li-ion batteries an they also require the Block Battery chargers which are on the big side. If you need to travel with lots of batteries regularly these may still be a godsend though.

The 2F1 is competitively priced at $250 US and adapter plates are $115 US each. A Block Battery travel charger costs $425 US.

For more info check out the Block Battery website.

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