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Transfer Convert announce Rectilux Core DNA single focus diopters for anamorphic adapters

By associate editor Elliot Smith:

A rendered image of a Rectilux Core DNA anamorphic lens adapter
A rendered image of a Rectilux Core DNA anamorphic lens adapter

The options for lower cost anamorphic shooting have increased massively in the past few years. An entire community has sprung up that use adapted projection anamorphic lenses and mount them onto stills lenses. These can give some excellent results, but usually require the focussing of both the base lens and the adapter.

Transfer Convert have announced a couple of adapters that will allow focussing of the anamorphic adapter/base lens combination using a single focus gear – making it much easier to operate. The Rectilux Core DNA is a third optic that mounts to the front of the anamorphic adapter and is essentially a focussing diopter.

Based on the already available custom Rectilux 3FF adapter, the Rectilux Core DNA has a similar optic but mounts to different lenses via the filter thread. It will be matte-box compatible and will feature 0.8 pitch gearing for use with follow focus systems.

The front element will not rotate or retract and the adapters will focus from 0.7m to infinity – solving one of the biggest issues with regular anamorphic lenses which can’t focus close without the need for additional diopters.

If this setup sounds complex, by comparison to regular anamorphic setups it actually makes the whole lens system more portable and even practical for handheld use.

Given the other options on the market at the moment, which include lenses priced at tens of thousands of pounds, the combination of a Core DNA and a vintage anamorphic lens from eBay could open up a world of creative possibilities for shooters on a budget.

Pre-orders are open now for £599 via Transfer Convert with delivery planned before December 2015. For more information contact [email protected]

A rendered image of a Rectilux Core DNA anamorphic lens adapter
The Rectilux Core DNA adapters are based on existing Rectilux 3FF models

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