NAB 2015: Litepanels Caliber

By Newsshooter contributor Elliot Smith

LitePanels’ new Caliber light Offers a dimmable, controllable LED light source in a small package. The body of the light is made from aluminium which does double duty as a heatsink and battery compartment.

[vimeo 124970225 w=640&h=360]


And inside that compartment is space for six AA batteries, making it possible to use the Caliber in tight spaces where there isn’t room to run AC power. Brightness does suffer as a result – the lights are twice as bright when run from the mains – but it opens up the possibility of powering a lighting rig from batteries without the expense investing in V-locks.

The rotatable fresnel lens offers a beam spread from 15-73 degrees, there’s a built-in dimmer and each unit draws 17W – Litepanels say that makes the Caliber similar in output to a 150W traditional fresnel. Wonder what light they could be referring to?

A three light kit with stands, barn doors, CTO filters and a bag is priced at around $1,000 and is available now.

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