NAB 2015: Blackmagic URSA mini and 4.6K URSA

By Newsshooter.com contributor Elliot Smith

Blackmagic is one of the first stands you see when you set foot in the Las Vegas Convention Center and at this year’s NAB the company is announcing 38 new products. These include a number of new cameras, some of which are making use of a newly developed 4.6K sensor.

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They are also widening the range of available camera bodies: the URSA mini promises a robust but more convenient version of the Blackmagic URSA that will be more practical to use for a single operator.

[vimeo 124884810 w=640&h=360]


Blackmagic URSA mini

The URSA mini uses the same sensors and processing as the larger URSA, but in a smaller package more suitable for one-person, handheld operation. It records to dual CFast cards, uses V-lock batteries and the version with the 4.6K sensor has 15 stops of dynamic range.

It also features a repositionable side handle which can be unscrewed from the main camera body and attached via rosettes to allow the camera to sit on the shoulder, FS7-style.

There’s a built-in 1080p monitor and the option to attach a new Blackmagic viewfinder, which is also HD resolution, attaches via SDI but isn’t included with the body.

One thing missing from a news shooter’s point of view is ND filters; although variable NDs and matte boxes can of course be used it would have been a nice feature to have.

There will be four versions of the camera: two different sensors (4K, 4.6K) and two different lens mounts (EF or PL), with availability slated for late July.

Blackmagic URSA mini with repositionable side handle

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