Inter BEE 2014: MTF show lens adapters for AJA Cion

By technical editor Matt Allard:

British lens convertor specialists MTF Services were at the Inter BEE show in Tokyo showing a range of lens adaptors for the upcoming AJA CION camera. The CION features a PL mount as standard but this can be exchanged thanks to a lens mount system that is based around a plate with four screws. The whole plate can be exchanged for one with a different lens mount and MTF has come up with Canon FD, Nikon G and Canon EF versions so far. The Canon FD and Nikon G adapters have mechanical iris control on the adaptors. MTF also have a version of the mount that utilises their Effect lens control system allows adjustment of aperture value for electronically controlled Canon EF lenses.

The plate system does make changing between different lens systems slower than using bayonet adapters on mounts like Sony’s NEX, FZ mount or Micro 4/3, but the advantage is that the Cion mount is very secure and feels more like part of the camera.

MTF also have other adapters available that include Arri Bayonet to PL and a B4 ENG lens to CION package.

For more information you can visit Lens Adaptor.com

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