NAB 2014: F&V show their new EVF, field monitor, lights and accessories

Posted by Mat Gallagher:

Clinton Harn talks to Conor Hartnett from F&V about their new range including an EVF, field monitor, light panels and a series of modular camera accessories for the Blackmagic, Epic, Alexa, C100, C300 and F55.

The 4.3in 1280×720 Spectra HD4 EVF has throughput on the SDI and HDMI, and also HDMI in SDI out conversion. The new field monitor has a 1024×600 display, SDI and HDMI throughput (but not conversion) and is upgradable. The Z1200 is a 1×1 panel in the ultra range with 95CRI, with 1200 LEDs, while the K8000+ is an 800 LED panel with 90CRI.

The Spectra HD4 will be available late summer, priced $1,100 ($1,400 with loop). For other prices and availability, visit: www.fvlighting.com


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