IBC 2013: New Zaila HMI light from Nila – perfect for the shooter on the run?

By technical editor Matthew Allard:

Nila HMI lights at IBC 2013 from Matthew Allard on Vimeo.

This is a light that I can see fitting right into the lighting kits of many news shooters. The Zaila is a 200W HMI with a small form factor and a decent throw – the smallest HMI in their range which we first saw as a prototype at NAB in April. I personally use the larger Nila Varser for my work at Al Jazeera and would love to add one of these to my kit. In the video we also see a new Phospher technology version of the current Boxer light. This makes for a large soft source.

Kessler 640x120-1



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