Kessler Parallax – a brilliant solution to automatic panning on a slider

By site editor Dan Chung:

Kessler Parallax™ from Kessler Crane on Vimeo.

This week Kessler announced a simple add-on auto panning solution for their popular Pocketdolly and Cineslider. Essentially a bar attached to the slider that couples to a panning base on the slider – as you move the slider it can be configured to auto track a central point or point outwards for a panning shot. Importantly according to Kessler it does not require specific measurement calibration and does not have a fixed subject distance requirement to accomplish 2 axis panning and fixed-point linear sliding shots – marking it out from some of the other competing systems on the market.

It can be used just by sliding manually, or with Kessler Oracle or Cinedrive motors for full automation in timelapse or normal speed.

The price is set at $399.85 and availability is said to be mid to late summer 2013.

Full dislosure: I am a Kessler shooter and Kessler is a site sponsor for events like NAB.

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