New Rode Lavalier microphone tested – plus handy audio tips from Guy Cochran at DVEStore

RODE Lavalier Microphone from Guy Cochran on Vimeo.

One subject I’m asked a lot about is lavalier microphones and how to use them. Shooters ask why I place my lav upside down on someone’s lapel while recording, or how do I hook up a lav to my audio recorder and my camera? Guy Cochran explains all the answers in this excellent short video. Guy also shows how to hook the lav up to the new Zoom H1 recorder and then to the 5DmkII and some headphones, letting you hear what the hole combination sounds like.

The new Rode lavalier has a number of tricks up its sleeve that make it practical for news and documentary work. First it uses changeable Micon connections which allow you to switch from XLR, to minijack, to Sennheiser radio mic all using the same mic – for me this is a huge bonus as I usually end up carrying two or even three lav mics each with a different connector. With this mic I could go into my Juicedlink DT454 using XLR, a Zoom H1 or Sony recorder using minijack and my Sennheiser or Sony radio mic using a dedicated Micon connector. Better still Guy assures me that the Micon connector is the same as the one on the Hosa Tech Que audio mini shotgun mic that I’ve just picked up so I would reduce what I need to carry.

Second it come complete with the furry windjammer that is essential in windy conditions on the road. Thirdly it comes with a waterproof case in the package. It looks like Rode have really thought about this one.

The mic is competitively priced at $249 US with a 5 year warranty.

You can find out more about the new Rode mic from Guy at DVEStore here

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