Hosa technology mini shotgun mic – a perfect fit on a HDDSLR?

Hosa Technology Q-audio mini shotgun mic kit from Dan Chung on Vimeo.

Hosa Technology were showing off their latest mic, the Que audio mini shotgun, which is one of the smallest shotgun mics I’ve ever seen. It runs on two watch batteries and can be run into minijack or XLR connections. The audio quality is very good and I was so impressed I actually bought one of these a while back. It is now in my main DSLR kit.

Now the mini shotgun is available in a kit with a mini boom, headphones, windshield and stand – a pretty good start for pro DSLR audio. While you can use it straight into a camera like the 5DmkII I’m finding I’m getting better results feeding it into a Juicedlink DT454 or seperate recorder like the Zoom H4n or Tascam DR-100 first.

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