NANLITE FC PowerController


The NANLITE FC PowerController is a comprehensive power and control solution that expands the capabilities of the new FC-500C, plus the FC-300B and FC-500B. It can power the compatible FC series fixtures from V-mount batteries and offers control of light settings.

I am glad that NANLITE has introduced this product as it makes their FC series fixtures a lot more versatile as you can now run them remotely in the field.

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This combination is perfect for on-the-go shooting, ensuring that FC-300B/500B/500C can work outdoors, or in other environments without access to AC power.

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The FC PowerController can also act as a portable V-mount simultaneous dual battery charger. It can charge one or two 14.4-14.8V or 26V batteries at the same time by connecting to AC using the power adapter that comes with each FC-300B/500B/500C.

Key features

  • Designed with two-inch screen, two buttons and two knobs
  • Measures 130.6×135.5×204.5mm /5.14×5.33×8.05″
  • Weighs only 1.61kg / 3.55lb
  • Compatible with FC series light fixture with a DC 48V 4-pin input socket\
  • Power light fixtures from V-mount batteries
  • Power light fixtures from AC outlet by connecting the fixture included power adapter
  • Provide wired control for light fixtures at a distance of up to 3m/9.84ft
  • Charge one or two 14.4-14.8V or 26V batteries simultaneously

Running Using V-mount batteries

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Connecting the FC PowerController allows the FC-300B/500B/500C to be powered by either one or two 14.4-14.8V / 26V batteries. The maximum output of each different fixture varies depending on the quantity and voltage of the V-mount batteries used. For instance, it requires two 26V high-performance V-lock batteries to run the FC-500C at full output. Using a single 14.4V battery on the same light will limit output to 30%.

The FC PowerController can also run a fixture from AC by connecting the power adapter that originally came with the FC-300B/500B/500C. This permits connected fixtures to switch over to battery power if the AC power supply is disconnected. This is also handy when fixtures need to be moved quickly around the studio or location.



The FC PowerController provides wired control for the FC-300B/500B/500C at a distance of up to 3m/9.84ft. You simply connect to the fixture via the included connection cable and take control of the light. There is a two-inch display to show status, with two knobs and two buttons to adjust

Size & Weight


The FC PowerController measures 130.6×135.5×204.5mm / 5.14×5.33×8.05″ and weighs 1.61kg / 3.55lb. It can be easily carried or hung using the in-built rope. In addition, the unit is equipped with a quick-release plate on the rear, allowing it to be mounted on a light stand or truss using an optional quick-release clamp


The body of the FC PowerController is ruggedly constructed with an aluminum alloy body. It has three aluminum alloy heat sinks and a built-in fan. The fan is claimed to runs quietly and at the same time ensure heat dissipation, providing the best possible recording conditions for the shooting scene.

Price & Availability

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The NANLITE FC PowerController will start shipping this month for $399 USD.

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