ZENIKO MR11 Smartphone Video Rig Review

ZENIKO Rig 7137

The ZENIKO MR11 Smartphone Video Rig features a rectangular structure that was designed to provide a stable and ergonomic platform when using smartphones ranging from 57 to 95mm in width.

The MR11 shouldn’t be confused with smaller size cage solutions. This is a platform that was made specifically for users who are shooting a lot of video content with a smartphone.

By having a larger rectangular platform you can attach more accessories such as lights or microphones.

The MR11 has 6x 1/4” screw threads, 1x 3/8” screw thread with ARRI positioning holes and 2x coldshoe slots.


The design of the MR11 allows 180° clockwise rotation of the smartphone holder so you can shoot either horizontal or vertical video. As you can see, you can’t just rotate the phone from horizontal to a vertical position as the lenses end up getting blocked by the frame. Once you rotate the position you then also need to physically adjust where the phone sits in the holder.

Built-in LED Light

What is also interesting is that it features a built-in LED light that has 5 brightness levels and 5 preset color temperatures from 2800K to 6500K.

ZENIKO Rig 7179

By pressing the power/ M button you can go between the brightness settings and the CCT presets.

ZENIKO Rig 7174 1

The built-in LED light is actually reasonably bright for what it is and it’s handy to have. It arguably would be better with some slightly stronger diffusion.

ZENIKO Rig 7176

The beam spread is quite wide which is nice to see.

Wireless & USB charging

The smartphone clip on the MR11 is built with wireless charging technology. This allows you to charge your phone while you are using it.

ZENIKO Rig 7163

The included USB port also gives wired charging if needed.

ZENIKO Rig 7197

It is nice to have the built-in wireless charger and a 7.4V 3200mAh 23.68Wh battery so you can charge a compatible smartphone while you are using it.

ZENIKO claims that the internal battery can run your smartphone and the built-in LED light for almost 4 hours.

There is also a USB-C input so you can charge the internal battery or power the rig via a compatible source.

Remote Control

ZENIKO Rig 7134

With a detachable mini controller in the right grip, the MR11 allows for a Bluetooth connection for remote shutter and recording control from up to 30m / 98.42′.

This actually works pretty well and it is nice to have the ability to remove it from the handle and use it remotely. It connects up very easily and I tried it out with the normal video recording on the iPhone 15 Pro MAX and when using the Blackmagic Camera App.

IMG 6671

On the Blackmagic Camera App you won’t find it appear in the Accessories menu, but all you need to do it pair it your phone and it will work.

No SSD Holder

ZENIKO Rig 7193

There is no SSD holder, and as far as I am aware, ZENIKO doesn’t offer one as an optional extra. For a lot of people using the latest iPhones, you really need to use an external SSD if you plan on shooting a lot of video.

Build Quality

It is made out of lightweight materials. The build quality is ok, but you can make it flex quite easily.

ZENIKO Rig 7194

The smartphone clamp is reasonably robust and it can hold a phone securely.


I did find that when you rotate the phone clip that it doesn’t line up correctly unless you you finesse it a bit. Once you have a phone attached, I found it far too easy to move the clamp and therefore it is easy to get the horizon level wrong. It really should just lock in two positions, horizontal or vertical. There is no reason why you would use it in a position between the two.


Because the rigidity of the MR11 isn’t that stiff you can get the whole rig to twist fairly easily. While it does flex, I don’t think you could break it unless you used a very high level of force. At the end of the day this is an inexpensive product and I wouldn’t expect the build quality to be perfect given its price point.

Size & Weight

ZENIKO Rig 7206

The ZENIKO MR11 Smartphone Video Rig weighs 438g / 0.96 lb. It has physical dimensions of 10.7″ x 5.6″ x 1.5″ / 27.17cm x 14.22cm x 3.81cm.

ZENIKO Rig 7295

I actually like this larger size as it makes holding the rig more comfortable, however, the trouble with all of these rigs is that your hands are a long way away from the screen and the screen is the only place you can make changes.


There’s a lot to like about the ZENIKO MR11 Smartphone Video Rig, but I did find some aspects of the build quality to be a little underwhelming. I don’t like how you can flex the whole rig and there really should be two locking points on the phone holder so that it stays either vertical or horizontal. Nobody wants their phone to move while they are filming.

On the positive side, the wireless charging and inbuilt battery are great. I also like the in-built light and the Bluetooth remote control that can be removed from the handle. It is nice and light and comfortable to hold for extended periods of time.

ZENIKO Rig 7289

If you are primarily shooting with a smartphone then a larger rig like this makes sense for some users. It is quick to take your phone in and out of the MR11 which is something you can’t do with a lot of the cages. If you are plugging a cable into your smartphone it can end up hitting the frame of the rig or getting in the way of where you hold the rig (although this will depend on the size of your phone).

There is also plenty of room to mount accessories and to spread them out so they aren’t all cluttered.

Price & Availability

The ZENIKO MR11 Smartphone Video Rig retails for $67.20 USD.

Accessories & Kits

ZENIKO makes quite a few accessories for the MR11 Smartphone Video Rig, including microphones and lights.

ZENIKO Rig 7227

The only issue I had with the audio accessories is that ZENIKO doesn’t give you you 3.5mm stereo to USB-C cables. This means you have to source your own if you wan to use them with the latest iPhones.

You can buy two different kits, the Vlogkit 1 ($159 USD) and Vlogkit 2 ($169 USD). Below you can see what they come with.

Vlogkit 1

Screenshot 2024 06 18 at 18 37 53
Screenshot 2024 06 18 at 18 39 24

Vlogkit 2

Screenshot 2024 06 18 at 18 40 25
Screenshot 2024 06 18 at 18 40 32


Screenshot 2024 06 18 at 18 32 27

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