Ancient Optics & Old Fast Glass Statera 1.5x Anamorphic Primes

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The Statera primes are the result of a 3-year collaboration between Ancient Optics and Old Fast Glass. The goal was to create a cohesive set of anamorphic FF+ lenses with the perfect balance of vintage character and modern performance. Cinematographers often want a vintage look, but they also want reliable mechanics and modern performance.

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STATERA comes from the Latin word meaning “balance,” and balance is integrated into every aspect of these lenses.

The first step was to find the best vintage spherical “taking” lenses with the right optical traits. After testing hundreds of lenses from the 1950’s to the 1980’s, the search was narrowed it down to the best of the best. The taking lenses that were ultimately chose remain a secret, but it is claimed that there is no better glass for this lens project.

The next step was to design a modern anamorphic assembly to pair with the vintage taking glass. The lenses feature a traditional variable front diopter focus system and a 1.5x anamorphic squeeze ratio to maximize resolution, but still deliver a classic front-anamorphic look. The minimum close focus distance is 18″ on the 75mm while maintaining FF+ coverage.

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What do Statera Anamorphic images look like? These lenses are inspired by the most legendary anamorphic lenses from the 1970s and 1980s – Todd AO, Cineovison, Technovision, and Nippon Scope.

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With their vintage lens DNA, Statera lenses are claimed to be very flattering on your subject, especially on close-ups. The focus system minimizes “mumps”, so human faces remain natural and proportionate. They are said to not suffer from extreme field curvature, so you can easily keep multiple characters in focus across your frame. They also resolve really well all the way to the edges.

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Bokeh is claimed to be always perfectly oval, and you will never see bokeh get “cut off” by any straight lines. Towards the edges, bokeh starts to swirl, with a perfect amount of Petzval effect. Coatings are classic single-layer coatings that deliver a gorgeous organic flare character that never feels modern or over saturated.

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The partners at GL Optics developed a sleek and classic housing for the Statera project. They are all compatible with 4×5.65 matte boxes and filters, as well as 138mm diopters. Every lens in the set has matching focus and iris gear positions for fast lens changes.

A 15 blade circular iris was selected, which is crucial to maintain perfectly oval bokeh even when stopped down. Focus rotation is 300 degrees. The lenses have an elegant silver anodized finish, all black engravings, and rugged stainless steel PL mounts. Internally the lenses are robust and reliable, requiring very little maintenance.

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