Tilta Hydra Articulating Car Mounting System & Hydra Electronic Suction Cup

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Tilta has announced two new additions to its Hydra Car Mounting System, the Hydra Articulating Car Mounting System and Hydra Electronic Suction Cup.

Hydra Articulating Car Mounting System

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The Hydra Articulating Car Mounting System features three 6” suction cups with heavy-duty articulating arms and a 44 lb / 19.95kg weight capacity. Tilta claims that this lightweight system is ideal for both interior and exterior car shots in various environments.

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The central foundation of the system features a 75mm ball head with a low-center-of-gravity and up to 15° horizontal adjustment. Other 75mm Tripod Heads can also be used.

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There are also adapters if you need to run 100mm tripod heads.

The included Head supports Arca and Manfrotto quick release plates, making it compatible with mirrorless and lightweight cinema cameras with or without cages.

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The flexibility of the articulating arms means this system is well suited for unique angles, especially those that require a low profile.

Made from high-strength aluminum alloy and stainless steel, each articulating arm has a maximum carrying capacity of 17.5 lbs and features a reversible locking knob for convenient use.

Price & Availability

The Hydra Articulating Car Mounting System is available to pre-order for $449 USD.

Hydra Electronic Suction Cup

These new suction cups feature air pressure detection which monitors 1000 times per second in order to recognize and display status information on an electronic screen.

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When the system detects loss of pressure, the motor pumps out additional air automatically in order to prevent the suction cups from becoming detached.

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This integrated high-performance motor are powered via an internal battery and completes electronic suction within 5 seconds, which greatly increases the speed in which these suction cups can be attached.

The mechanical structure of the suction cup has been enhanced with an optimized structure featuring a new compartmentalized design. This increases the contact area by 20% compared to standard suction cups for added stability and reliability.

The modular design allows for various mounting plates to be used, which makes these suction cups easy to use with different support systems.

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You can charge up the battery inside the suction cups via USB-C.

The options include support for the Hydra Alien’s M25 thread, NATO, as well as a Universal Multi-Mount option in order to cover a wide range of scenarios.

Price & Availability

The Hydra Electronic Suction Cup is now available to order for between $78 USD and $116 USD depending on the version you choose.

When mounting cameras to moving vehicles please remember to use common sense and make sure that safety is not compromised. Always make sure that a rig has multiple tether points and that it is attached to a vehicle in multiple ways. You should also make sure you follow all local traffic regulations and laws.

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