Sony Airpeak S1 firmware update


Sony’s Airpeak S1 has new firmware update and it is now compatible with wit the Alpha 9 III, allowing users to capture aerial photos and videos. Users can also save time, simplify and streamline their workflow with real time geotagging.

Benefits & Improvements

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  • Improves usability during flights using the RTK: Gives you the ability to add geotags to images taken in real time, with these geotagged images automatically saved to the SD card in the RTK kit Interface unit (RTK-INU1)
  • Supports the function to offset a geotag coordinate on the optical axis
  • Geotagged images will be saved into individual folders, each corresponding to a specific flight
  • A mission name is now included in the folder name
  • Supports the ILCE-9M3 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera equipped with a full-frame image sensor and global shutter, and can be used in combination with the gimbal (GBL-T3)
  • Improves aircraft stability

Previous Benefits and Improvements

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File Info

  • Version for Aircraft (ARS-S1): Ver. 2.2.0
  • Version for Remote Controller (RCR-VH1): Ver. 2.2.0
  • Version for RTK kit Interface unit (RTK-INU1): Ver. 1.0.1
  • Version for Airpeak Flight: Ver. 2.3.0
  • File Size for Aircraft (ARS-S1): 763 MB (800 353 536 bytes)
  • File Size for Remote Controller (RCR-VH1): 394 MB (413 602 559 bytes)
  • File Size for RTK kit Interface unit (RTK-INU1): 240 KB (246 220 bytes)
  • Release Date: 05-20-2024

Important Notice

  • Do not turn off the aircraft during the update.
  • The update takes about 30 minutes.
  • The download time will be determined by the network environment.

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