NANLITE announces the FC-120B & FC-60B

NANLITE has announced the FC-120B and FC-60B. Both these fixtures are being touted as budget-friendly, high-performance LED spotlights.

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These look to be interesting options in the affordable LED spotlight Markey as they feature a wide array of powering options including USB-PD and the ability to be run via V-lock batteries.

The FC-120B and FC-60B join the existing NANLITE FC-300B and FC-500B in the series.

FC-60B/FC-120B Key features

  • LED Bi-color spot lights
  • FC-60B rated power of 78W and FC-120B rated power of 145W
  • Powerful output with the FC-60B delivering 12,510@1m and the FC-120B 17,450lux@1m (with 45°reflector, 5600K)
  • Wide CCT range of 2700K-6500K with two output modes: Maximum output and Constant output mode.
  • Excellent color rendition with both CRI/TLCI average 96 and 98, TM-30 Rf average 95, TM-30 Rg average 101
  • Intuitive operation with 1.47-inch (FC-60B) and 1.9-inch (FC-120B) screen, two buttons and two knobs UI design
  • Multiple control methods: on-board, remote controller, Nanlink App, DMX/RDM • Multiple power supply options: power adapter, NP-F battery, V-mount battery(14.4-14.8V / 26V), PD power bank or charger (NP-F battery only for FC-60B)
  • 12 built-in special effects with customizable parameters in each effect
  • Power adapter built with a safety strap and quick release plate for easy rigging and installing
  • Adjustable fan control system with 4 modes: SMART, FULL SPEED, LOW SPEED and OFF
  • Built with an FM mount and an umbrella mount
  • Included Bowens adapter allows compatibility with Bowens mount accessories
  • Support firmware update via USB port on the lamp head

Output & Powering Options

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The new NANLITE FC-60B and FC-120B are palm-sized, battery powerable bi-color LED spotlights. They both have full app control and are adjustable in color temperature from 2700K to 6500K. The FC-60B has a claimed output of 12,510 lux@1m and the FC-120B has a claimed output of 17,450 lux@1m (with 45° reflector at 5600K).

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As I previously mentioned both lights can be powered by USB battery packs or chargers via USB-PD, V-mount batteries or AC mains power. The FC-60B can also use NP-F type batteries. All of these power options can run the fixtures at 100% output. The FC-60B draws 78W and the FC-120B 145W. USB-PD Mobile power banks or chargers need to support continuous power output of 30W or higher.

To ensure the FC-60B and FC-120B run as quietly as possible they are equipped with an adjustable cooling system including four fan modes: SMART, FULL SPEED, LOW SPEED and OFF. SMART mode automatically adjusts the fan speed according to the ambient temperature. Being able to select the optimal fan speed either automatically or manually is ideal for live recordings and other situations where background noise levels are a prime consideration.

In SMART mode, the fixture will automatically switch fan speed according to the ambient temperature. In SMART and FULL SPEED modes, the maximum output are 100%. In LOW SPEED mode, the maximum output is 50%.When the fan is off, the maximum output is 15%.

Size & Weight

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Both fixtures are lightweight and compact. The FC-60B weighs 700g and the FC-120B weighs 980g. Several FC-60B and FC-120B lights can be carried together in a single hard case like the GUTEK Tortoise T-230 to form a highly portable lighting kit.

The lights come with a carry case which is handy.

New V-mount grip

The new NANLITE battery grips (included or optional depending on the kit purchased) allow you to handheld the lights. A new power bank grip will also be available soon.

Color Accuracy

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According to NANLITE, the FC-60B and FC-120B have extremely high color accuracy, with an average CRI score of 96 and an average TLCI score of 98. There is also a Maximum Output mode that ensures the highest possible light output for the chosen color temperature. Alternatively, the Constant Output mode guarantees consistent brightness across the entire CCT range when required.

Design & Control

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The fixtures feature modern designs with two-tone gray/black body and blue decorative lines. The controls are easy to access via two knobs and two buttons on the lamp head. The FC-60B has a 1.47-inch display and FC-120B has a 1.9-inch display, which logically show all settings at a glance.

Both the FC-60B and FC-120B are equipped with built-in 2.4GHz and Bluetooth modules for control using the NANLINK 2.0 App. The app gives users control over multiple NANLITE and NANLUX lights, plus the ability to Plot and Control those lights visually on a lighting diagram. The FC-60B and FC-120B also have wired DMX/RDM connections for advanced users wanting to network lights together and connect to professional Lighting consoles.


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An integrated tilting bracket allows for 180-degree movement. The power adapter has an integrated safety strap that allows it to be carried and easily rigged. The optional LG-V35 clamp is available to attach the control unit directly to a light stand, and also attaches to the FC-60B or FC-120B via quick release plate.

FM Mount

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The FC-60B and FC120B use the proprietary FM accessory mount which is now the standard on NANLITE’s smaller spot light fixtures. The mount is compact and has a complete range of NANLITE modifiers available.

Available NANLITE FM Mount modifiers include the FL-11 Fresnel Lens, a Projection Attachment with 19°/36° Lens, 60cm Softbox, 40cm Octagonal Softbox, 60cm Octagonal Softbox and 60cm Lantern Softbox.

Now, if you want to use existing Bowens mount modifiers, NANLITE includes an adapter to the larger Bowens-mount. The bracket of each light also has a built-in umbrella mount, allowing for mounting the umbrella and reflector simultaneously.

Price & Availability

Both the FC-120B and FC-60B are now available to order for $249 USD and $159 USD respectively.

Output Figures

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