Sony a7S III Version 3.01 Firmware Update


Sony has released Version 3.01 Firmware Update for the a7S III. This is a fairly minor firmware update that just provides some fixes for some known issues.

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Fixes the following issues with the ISO value

  • The ISO value is displayed incorrectly when outputting a RAW video to a RAW-compatible device connected via an HDMI cable.
  • The upper and lower limit setting ranges are incorrect when the ISO value is set to Auto

Fixes an issue where the camera may not be able to connect to the network.

Improves the operational stability of the camera.

Read this section before downloading the file.

  • Save your settings:
    After updating to this version, the camera settings will be reset to the default values.
    Note: Since this update adds functions and major specification changes, the camera settings will be initialized as part of the update process. We recommended you make note of all the camera settings before proceeding. Even if you have saved the settings using the various save features available (such as Save /Load Settings and Save/Load FTP Settings) the settings before Ver. 3.01 cannot be loaded after the update.
  • Switching from Imaging Edge Mobile to Creators’ App:
    • If you’re using the Imaging Edge Mobile app, please be aware that updated cameras will no longer be able to connect to the Imaging Edge Mobile app. After updating your camera, install the Creators’ App.
    • Please make sure the Imaging Edge Mobile app is Ver. 7.7.2 or later in order to pair the camera with the Creators’ App.If the Imaging Edge Mobile app is not Ver. 7.7.2 or later, update it before trying to pair the camera with the Creators’ App. For instructions on installing and connecting the Creators’ App, please refer to Migrating from Imaging Edge Mobile app to Creators’ App.
      Additionally, the NFC one-touch connection function used up to Ver. 2.11 of the camera will no longer be available.
  • To install this update, you need to download the Sony Camera Driver first.

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