Camera Foundry A7 Series CineBack


The Camera Foundry A7 Series CineBack is finally available to pre-order. The Camera Foundry has made quite a few CineBacks for a variety of cameras including the Sony FX3 and FX30.

The A7 Series CineBack is compatible with A7s III, A7 IV, A7R IV, A7R V and A1. All you need to do is add the cage and you can create a de-facto cinema camera.

The CineBack bolts onto the back or your camera cage giving you lots of mounting options, power choices and other features. You can choose to a boxy cinema setup or add the XLR Handle Extension Kit for a more documentary style setup.

Please noter that that the A1 and A7R IV all have a fixed tilt screen so the screen will be blocked by the CineBack, however, you can use the Info Display to view the menu on an external monitor.

CineBack A7 Series Features

  • V-Mount battery plate for longer run time
  • D-Tap splitter with 4 outputs to power your camera and other accessories
  • XLR top handle compatible (with XLR Handle Extension sold separately here)
  • Power switch to completely cut power so there is no battery drain
  • Screen side mount allowing you to use your camera screen in cine mode, open or closed
  • Works with the Tilta ZV-E1 Fan module to cool your camera (A7 IV only)
  • Top and bottom cheese plates for mounting accessories and other rigging gear
  • Cable management and routing built in.
  • Modular with future module options to come

While the Camera Foundry doesn’t”t have a video about the A7 Series CineBack, you can watch the one for the FX3 and FX30 above as it is fairly similar.

What is required to use the CineBack?

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To use the CineBack with your A7 series camera you will need to purchase the SmallRig 3667B. The SmallRig 2999 also works but isn’t compatible with the XLR Top Handle Unit and requires a 3/8″ to 1/4″ adapter and some shimming washers which are included.

The Camera Foundry recommends the SmallRig 3667B cage for reasons mentioned above.

Optional Gear

The XLR Extension Kit coupled with the SmallRig Adapter Plate for Sony FX30/FX3 XLR Handle allows you to use the Sony XLR-H1 XLR Handle Unit with the A7s III and A7 IV.

Another optional item is this Tilta cooling fan that can be mounted inside CineBack and can cool the A7 IV (not compatible with other A7 series cameras). 

Optionally you can power the camera from the D-Tap jacks on CineBack with either a D-Tap to FZ100 Dummy Battery or a D-Tap to USB-C with Power Delivery into the cameras USB jack. The Camera Foundry has also used the Alvin’s Cable version as well as the Kondor Blue cable without issue and the Kondor Blue D-Tap to USB adapter.

In case you were interested, the Camera Foundry is also working on a AB Gold Mount version.

Price & Availability

The Camera Foundry A7 Series CineBack is now available to pre-order for $339.95 USD and it should be shipping in May.

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