Zhiyun Molus B Series COB Lights First Look NAB 2024

Zhiyun released the Bi-color Molus B Series COB Lights at NAB 2024. The fixtures are larger than their previous versions and pack some punch in a fairly compact form factor.

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The all-new industrial design for the ZHIYUN MOLUS B series features a dual cooling structure inspired by vortex and integrates the cooling system with the light to be more compact.

The MK V-type DynaVort™ Cooling System minimizes fan noise. It features two pressure sensors to eliminate turbulence and optimize airflow, offering significantly improved heat dissipation efficiency within a smaller volume. This feature should also lower fan noise.

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The Molus B Series COB Lights come in four models ranging from 100W to 500W.

Zhiyun stated the preliminary specifications are as follows.

CRI (RA) 96
TM-30 Rf 94
TM-30 Rg 101

Output from 1M
Molus B 100 – Without Reflector 4160 Lux / With Reflector 20,600 Lux
Molus B 200 – Without Reflector 8370 Lux / With Reflector 39,900 Lux
Molus B 300 – Without Reflector 12,400 Lux / With Reflector 63,200 Lux
Molus B 500 – Without Reflector 19,200 Lux / With Reflector 76,400 Lux


The fixtures are compact and dont use a controller. There is no battery option. The controls are on the fixture to change the output and color texture.

The CTT range is 2700K-6500K. The fixture has light effects. The output control dial has a 5 stage output option when pushed in for fast bumps in brightness.

A USB-C control box can be purchased that puts all the fixture settings in a small controller with a long cable. It looks like a good option; however, there is no way to mount the controller now. It will hang from the fixture. I would like to see some stand clamp as the cable strain over time could damage the port and the unit. It is very light, so it might not be an issue.

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The fixtures have the flexible Bowens mount that has a wide selection available for softboxes and diffusers. Zhiyun has a large selection available as well.

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Their isn’t a battery power option on the Molus B series lights so you will need to use AC only or a battery block that has the AC 120 option for remote use. This does limit the fixture’s usability as we are getting spoiled these days with remote powering options.

ZY Vega app

You can also operate the Molus with the ZY Vega app that is available for iOS and Android. This might be a better option as you can control multiple fixtures at the same time.

Pricing and Availablity

The Molus B 500 is $719
Molus B 300 $539
Molus B 200 $359
Molus B 100 $229

Shipping is set for the end of April.

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