3 New Vertigo Lens Turrets, now with autofocus & electronic control


You might well remember Ian Kerr’s Vertigo Lens Turrets that he first showed at NAB 2023, well now he is back with an updated version that features autofocus and electronic control.

Following the successful 2023 crowd-funding campaign and launch of the first modern lens turret (the Vertigo-M),  Multiturret announces three new Vertigo models:

Vertigo E 11

The Vertigo E (electronic) adds electronic control of most EF lenses from supported Sony cameras

Vertigo S 11

The Vertigo S (Sigma-compatible) also adds Sony’s face-tracking AF when used with Sigma EF Art lenses

Vertigo M2 11

The Vertigo M2 (manual) which allows for a future upgrade to E or S model. 

Above you can see our interview with Ian at NAB 2023.

According to Ian, the new Vertigo S, E and M2 are classics bestowed with modern super-powers. Maybe that is a little far fetched, but he’s a DP and not a salesman! 

Aimed at Sony cinema camera users, all models of Vertigo support up to 3 EF mount lenses in a weather-sealed housing and they fit the new BURANO, FX6, FX9, Venice and FS7Mk2 cameras.

All 3 models are available with a 30% discount until April 19, and they will start shipping in August.  The Vertigo M2 ships in July. 

“There’s probably an EF lens within fifty feet of you right now.  They’re among the most popular lenses on the planet and hold great value for fast, full frame coverage and a with a wide range of looks like swing-tilts, and vintage glass.  The Vertigo S and E now give us access and control  to over 80 million electronic EF lenses suitable for use on a Vertigo.” 

Ian Kerr csc

The Vertigo S also provides Sigma Art lens owners an exciting way to use EF glass for fast moving production where you want a thin depth of field and low-light performance with the convenience of auto focus.  Now paired with the Vertigo S you can use that same glass to cover 14mm, 35mm and 85mm or other combinations, swinging between lenses without stopping the roll.

The Vertigo gives us the freedom to shoot with primes with the flexibility of a zoom.

A prototype Vertigo-S will be touring the halls of NAB on Monday, April 15th escorted by inventor Ian Kerr csc. 

Feel free to contact him at [email protected] or +1 604 307 4198 with media enquiries.  

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