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Arctic Whiteness’ Final Cut Library Manager which was released around 10 years ago is now owned by Hedge and it has been renamed Arctic.

Way back in 2014, Vincent Zorzi and Timothy Arms released Final Cut Library Manager in an effort to deal with FCP’s ability to store media and generated files (optimized, proxy and caches) outside of libraries. Final Cut Library Manager was a popular piece of software, however, unfortunately it was never a financially viable product for its creators and it has effectively been in maintenance mode for years, with a lot of bugs.

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Hedge has effectively taken over Final Cut Library Manager, but not to make any money out of it, but more to keep it alive. To ensure the money spent on maintaining and developing Final Cut Library Manager fully benefits the FCP community, Hedge has brought on Chris Hocking to work on it. Through funding him to work on Final Cut Library Manager, he can put more of his spare time into FCP-focused tools like CommandPost – another app that has zero economic viability, but should never go away. All in all, it’s a win-win situation for the FCP community at-large.

Final Cut Library Manager will adopt Hedge’s license model of a fully functional perpetual license. Each new license includes a year of updates and support, so all required updates for macOS and Final Cut Pro versions released within a year after purchasing are included. To get access to another year of updates, you’ll be able to extend your license for a small fee.

Final Cut Library Manager becomes Arctic

According to Hedge, the name Arctic is an homage to Arctic Whiteness, Vincent and Tim’s company, and it nicely refers to Final Cut Library Manager’s archiving purpose.

Arctic looks exactly like Final Cut Library Manager. Hedge will be adding some often requested settings and improvements before having a go at ideas that Vincent and Tim wanted to work on, but never got around to.

Going forward, a new license costs $49 USD. All existing users will receive a coupon that allows them to purchase a new license at a 60% discount. If you bought your Final Cut Library Manager license less than a year ago, Hedge will have emailed you a personal 100% discount coupon. Both discounts are valid until the end of May.

By upgrading your Final Cut Library Manager to Arctic, besides the mentioned fixes, you get support for any upcoming versions of macOS and FCP released within a year from now. If you don’t need that, for instance when you’re purposely running older versions, by all means do not upgrade – only do so when you need it. However, the less people decide to upgrade, the less money there is for ongoing maintenance.

Like, with Hedge’s other apps, Arctic comes with a single activation that is can be moved between machines. If you are using Arctic in a team or organization, it’s easy to add additional activations at the same 60% discount in our online License Manager.

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