Luxli Taiko 2×1 RGB LED Light Panel on sale for $949 USD

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The Luxli Taiko 2×1 RGB LED Light Panel is on sale for $949 USD which is a massive saving of $1,050 USD. This is a great deal if you are looking for a very good 2×1 RGB LED panel fixture.

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Key features

  • For Studio, Theater & Film/TV
  • Output 12,555 Lux at 3.3′ (75°)
  • 2800-10,000K: CCT RGB Mode
  • 27 x 17.8″; AC/DC Operation
  • CRI 95 | TLCI 98
  • On-Board, DMX, and Bluetooth Control
  • Passive Cooling
  • 0 to 100% Dimming, 10 Lighting Effects
  • Includes AC Adapter, Diffuser, Yoke
  • Digital Color Gels, Floating White Point

I reviewed the Luxli Taiko 2×1 on the site back in 2020. Here is what I found at the time:

The Luxli Taiko 2×1 is a very, very good light. It offers tremendous value for money when you compare it against the competition.

The light is fully-featured, well-built, and produces a really nice quality of light. The color rendering scores are exceptional and the output is right up there with a lot of the competition. The low power draw and the ability to run it off flight safe camera batteries at 100% are features that make this light stand out.

The output is almost identical no matter what Kelvin color temperature you run the light at and it is very Kelvin color-accurate across its whole range. This light is super consistent.

The interface and operating system are some of the best I have seen and making changes to the light is straightforward and intuitive. While Rotolight’s touchscreen interface is now the gold standard for which all other lights should now be judged, the Taiko’s is better than most other options that are out there.

If you have been looking at a Rotolight Titan X2, Litepanels Gemini or an ARRI SkyPanel, the Luxli Taiko is a light you should also be seriously considering, especially if your budget is limited. As far as technical color accuracy scores go, it outperforms all of those lights, and that is no easy task.

As an owner/operator, the Taiko makes a lot more sense to buy than its closest competition, as other lights can’t be run at 100% off flight safe camera batteries and they are all substantially heavier and way more expensive.

I was massively impressed with the Luxli Taiko 2×1, it is the best bang for your buck 2×1 RGBW light on the market by a country mile. While it may not have some of the advanced features of the Rotolight Titan X2, at its price point, nothing else is better.

The Taiko is one of the most impressive lights I have ever reviewed, and Luxli has done a fantastic job with this light. It punches well above its weight and can stand toe-to-toe with much more expensive offerings. While it isn’t going to knock out the Rotolight Titan X2, it is certainly capable of going the distance, and that’s extremely impressive given the massive difference in price.

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