Nikon issues statement about RED

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Nikon has issues a short statement on its social media channels, stating that We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming support and anticipation we have received after the announcement of the RED acquisition. We are planning that there will be no changes to RED‘s current product lineup, the partners, and the relationship with the dealers. RED will continue to support its policies with warranty, repair service, customer service, and overall product support.

Last week we saw RED put out a short statement across social media channels to reassure users and customers that there will be no immediate change to customer support and warranties after its acquisition by Nikon.

Here is what they said: ‘We figured we’d clear the air. We’re excited about the future and remain fully committed to our products, the RED brand, our team, and our customers. There are no changes to product support, warranties, or policies. Keep Creating.’

While none of this actually tells us much, it doesn’t come as any big surprise. With acquisitions like this, you don’t usually see big changes being made in a short period of time. It is bound to take quite sometime before we actually see any new products being introduced.

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