ZHIYUN has announced its new CINEPEER Lights. The CINEPEER series consists of the CX100 and CM25. Both lights are small and compact and they are being targeted at entry level users and those on a budget.


The CINEPEER series looks to be a good follow-up to other lights from ZHIYUN. It is good to see them add more options to their line-up of LED fixtures.

I reviewed the ZHIYUN MOLUS G200 on the site last year. I was very impressed with its performance.given its low price and small size.


The CINEPEER CX100 is a 100W COB LED light that weighs 710g / 1.56 lb, and it has a claimed output of 3840 lux. It is very similar to the existing ZHIYUN MOLUS X100 Bi-Color Pocket COB Monolight, however it features a built-in battery to make it more versatile.

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The light utilizes ZHIYUN’s DynaVort active cooling system to keep the COB cool.

The CCT range is 2700K-6500K and you can run a variety of lighting modifiers with the CX100’s custom mount, and also Bowens mount accessories.

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The CINEPEER CX100 features a built-in battery that will run the light at bfull output for 30 minutes. Now, this is being touted as more of. aback up than anything else. You can also power the light via the DC power supply or you can use USB-C PD to run or charge the fixture.

In the kit you get the following:

  • 1 x CX100
  • 1 x CINEPEER Mini Reflector (ZY Mount)
  • 1 x Dome Diffusion
  • 1 x PD Charging Cable


The CINEPEER CM25 is a 25W LED light that weighs 232g / 0.5 lb. It has. claimed output of 3360 lux.

It has a CCT range of 2700-6200K.

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The CM25 housing two 2000mAh batteries which provide 30 minutes of full-power output. You can also power the light with a PD adapter or PD protocol power bank. It can also be used while charging via USB-C PD.

Price & Availability

The ZHIYUN CINEPEER CM25 retails for $69 USD and the CINEPEER CX100 is $199 USD.

ZHIYUN is offering a special discount of 25% from March 12th – April 12th when you use the code CNP25TODD.

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