Canon EOS C500 Mark II Firmware Update adds additional Cinema RAW Light recording capabilities

Canon has announced a new upcoming firmware update for its EOS C500 Mark II cinema camera.

Canon only released firmware version a few months ago and this new version, which won’t be available till later this month, adds new additions to its Cinema RAW Light recording capabilities.

Until now, the C500 Mark II was only able to record 12-bit RAW video at up to 30 frames per second, and 10-bit at frame rates above that.. With the upcoming firmware update, Canon are adding three new Cinema RAW Light formats which will allow you to record in 12-bit at all frame rates. With the addition of Cinema RAW Light LT, ST, and HQ formats, you will now have the choice of four different RAW recording options, which according to Canon, is a first in the Cinema EOS lineup.

Users will be able to utilize these new RAW options with the C500’s 4:3 and 6:5 sensor crop modes, when using anamorphic lenses.

The CinemaRAW Light format offers a significant reduction in file size without sacrificing image quality or adversely affecting grading. Cinema Raw Light files are around a third to a fifth of the size of a standard Canon Cinema RAW file. Cinema RAW Light is available in all four of Canon’s current Cinema EOS models.

Canon states that this firmware update solidifies the EOS C500 Mark II as its flagship cinema camera. This statement is very interesting and it certainly gives us a strong indication that there won’t be a C500 Mark III announced anytime soon. Companies don’t tend to update firmware if they plan on replacing a camera in their lineup. However, the EOS C300 Mark III is due for a replacement as that camera is now almost 4 years old. Canon announced the EOS C300 Mark III back on April 20th 2020.

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