Rehousing Vintage Lenses – The journey to cine lens masterpieces with G.L Optics

Media Division have released a very comprehensive and well put together hour long documentary about getting their Canon FD Dreamset rehoused by G.L Optics in China.

The video gives you a great insight into the process involved in getting lenses rehoused. Media Division covers everything from evaluating vintage lenses, disassembly, cleaning, machining, assembly, measuring, marking, engraving, painting and testing.

Nikolas and his team from Media Division put a lot of time and effort into creating these videos and this one is well worth watching.

Who are G.L Optics

G.L Optics are no strangers to lens rehousing. We have covered them on the site dating all the way back to when they made their original Tokina 11-16mm conversion. I bought that lens back in 2013.

How much does lens rehousing cost?

G.L Optics usually charges around $4,000 USD per lens, with a floating element, the pice goes up to $5,000 USD.

Delivery time is between 2–4 months. G.L optics requires a 30% down payment before production starts. Rush orders & individual designs are also possible.

G.L Optics can also source donor lenses for their customers and pre configured sets are available at Cinemaglass.com.

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