Hedge DropOff

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Hedge DropOff is a web-based file sharing platform for creative workflows.

Sharing and receiving large files always seems to have its caveats and challenges. Storage, security and speed are all factors that need to be considered. Things can get even trickier when you want simplicity and integration with secure storage solutions like LucidLink.

DropOff lets you:

  • Send Files:
    Create shareable links that allows users to send or deliver files from their either Filespace or any other storage via a shareable link for external collaborators or clients to pick up without having direct access to the user’s LucidLink Filespace itself, using email or other subscription based file sharing services.
  • Receive Files:
    Create shareable links for external collaborators to send files that are then uploaded and received into the user’s LucidLink Filespace set up in DropOff. Again, without the external collaborator having direct access to the user’s Filespace itself.
  • No Monthly Fees:
    There are no standing fees or monthly subscription costs. Along with that, there are no file type or size limits and importantly no expiration dates for your purchased data. Instead, users pay as they go with a Pay Per GB model that is as expansive or condensed as they need it to be based on their exact needs.
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DropOff has been built from the ground up using the same file-sharing functionality that you’ll find within Hedge’s editing collaboration software, PostLab. DropOff allows you to easily share files with external collaborators who need to stay outside of your LucidLink Filespace.

So what does it cost?

You can sign up for your free 20GB trial. There are no monthly subscriptions, you just pay as you go.

Once you have signed up, you add your Filespace credentials and then you can start sending and receiving files.

If you want to use LucidLink you can sign up for their 14-day free trial and use it with DropOff for all your file-sharing.

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